Thursday, 3 March 2011

Across The Pond: New York

New York, what a wonderful city. It's my second time to New York and I like it more and more. There is always something to discover and new things to see. This time around I made the most of Central Park. Going on the swings, seeing all the art work and just relaxing in the green haven in the middle of the big city. I had my hair cut in Harlem which was grand. I really like Harlem because it's such a contrast to elsewhere in Manhattan. I feel a bit more relaxed in Harlem and not part of the tourist rat race which can be overwhelming when you are scurrying up and down broadway. There are the usual sights of New York, the Empire State, Madison Square Garden, Ground Zero, Wall Street, $1 pizza, bagels and coffee...lovely stuff!

After a 8 mile hike around Manhattan Island my friend and I stopped for pizza and beer in a small eatery which turned into a big night. First of all the pizza we ate was mad! There was pizza with crisps (potato chips as they call them) on, then a salad pizza and just all these weird toppings which was interesting! $2 beer made it a pleasant place to stop and rest our feet, little did we know we'd be playing pool and watching a local punk band a few hours later! We randomly got talk to a guy who introduced himself as 'Jimmy Fingers' which we just took as some Americanism which we didn't understand. But Jimmy was on his way to a gig and invited us along so off we went. My friend and I were probably the most animated people in the place but nonetheless it was good to get out and have some fun.

After the band we found an American Pool bar and showed those yanks just how bad two slightly tipsy English girls were at playing pool! One thing that really strikes me about Americans is how friendly they are. They seem always happy to help a stranger and welcoming to most people which is really refreshing compared to our British stiff upper lip. I hope one day I can return the kindness to travelers I meet in this country.