Monday, 27 August 2012

Where did the summer go?

I was hoping August was going to be warm enough to have a few more excursions than I've had this summer. But with a strained purse and poor weather I can only look back with fondness on my one bit of proper sun I've had this year. I was lucky enough to visit Turkey and went to a place called Turunc . It's a couple of hours from Dalaman airport and far enough away from the really touristy parts of Turkey to be a bit cleaner and quieter than places like Marmaris. Turunc still has the all the tourist attractions, boat trips, markets, bars and restaurants, it's just slightly more quaint. The weather was very hot whilst I was there so most days were spent putting on lots of sun lotion to make sure I didn't fry like a lobster. I went on a couple of boat trips that must not have cost more than £30 for the whole day which included a BBQ lunch- great value for money. Turkey is still fairly cheap compared to Europe although you can rack up the pennies if you drink a lot of alcohol! The food is, like with all places, fairly hit and miss. To find somewhere traditional to eat was harder than I would have liked but when I did find one it was lovely. I must have tasted the best salad I think I've ever had at one restaurant and it was served in style. This is the man at Bondjuk restaurant  preparing their very tasty and unique salad.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Racism in the Police

I thought I'd put some Freedom of Information Requests in about racism in the police force for three North West Regions. These results are correct as of June 2012 and this is what I found...


Over the last three years Greater Manchester Police have had 5 racial misconduct investigations - one member of staff resigned prior to their misconduct hearing.

Since 2003 30 officers have been investigated and 7 of them left the force before their misconduct hearing.


No officers at Merseyside Police have been disciplined for any of the 8 racial misconduct investigations over the past 3 years.

A freedom of information request found there have been 8 misconduct investigations and 66 complaints all racially related since 2009.


In the past 3 year years Lancashire Police force has had only one racial misconduct case - the lowest for all three regions.


I think what I find most interesting is the people who leave the force before any kind of trial or hearing has taken place. It makes you wonder what else slips through the net before any action is taken against the perpetrator.