Thursday, 14 October 2010

Wiltshire Rambles

It’s getting colder and crisper as we settled into Autumn. But sometimes that’s a good thing. The log fire can roar, the winter coats come out and leaves can crunch.

What better way to get warm than to go on a brisk walk. I joined the West Wiltshire Ramblers just south of Trowbridge on one of their walks. I was met a pleasant group of sixty something’s and Bailey the dog. A lovely bunch who welcomed me into their group.

As we set off I was intrigued to learn why these people had joined the Ramblers. For some it was the sheer joy of walking and getting out into the countryside, but for others it was life changing. One lady I met told me that after her husband died “Sunday’s were the worst” and the Ramblers saved her in way. When I hear comments like this it makes me realise that life should not be taken for granted and we should make the most of it whilst we can. Do the things we dream of.

Rambling is a social occasion as well as a health benefit. It’s also a great way to get out and see the beautiful landscape. Along our walk, much to my delight, we spied some sloe berries. I’ve cleaned them up and put them in the freezer, I can start making sloe gin soon! So not only did I get to meet some great people I also got thrown a great recipe for sloe gin. Good Times, Good Walks.

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