Sunday, 7 November 2010

Storm in a 20s Tea Cup

Flapper dresses, long cigarettes, sequins and feathers, what more could you ask for on a night of smokey fun in London?

Bloomsbury Ballroom was the secret hideout for a 20s swinging party. Forget the fireworks and the sparkles in the sky, it was sparkling dresses and colourful drinks that lead the way. What was brilliant was the flurry of people in lavish outfits as I got off the tube at Holborn. Everyone was discreetly searching for the venue whilst glistening in the London lights.

Last nights 'Prohibition' party was just one of the many underground hits that seem to sizzle in the coldest of winter evenings.Smooth jazz on stage and roulette wheels on the floor. A range of cocktails on demand and tea cups for your ever strong 'Gatsby'.

Everyone had gone to town on costumes, no one looked out of place and it was very much like being in the Bugsy Malone film. Wonderful. Bright red lipstick and bright blue eye make up, it was an assault on the senses.

Everywhere I looked everyone had a smile on their face, much of this was due to fact there was someone selling bagels and cupcakes; a nice touch. I'm always happy when there is food in close range! But it was truly a brilliant night...a different take on festive fun but one that I very much enjoyed.

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  1. This is perhaps a silly question, but was there ever anything quite like the United States' Prohibition era in the UK?