Monday, 7 February 2011

Northern Force

In my latest adventure to the Northern lands I went to a little bit of water heaven just outside Newcastle. The High Force waterfall is in the Pennines and the landscape surrounding it is spectacular. The dark frown of the sky was brightened by the gushing sight of High Force. The spray and mist created from the shear mass of water flowing over the rocky crag was captivating. The luring water glistens and mumbles, inviting you to stay at the waterside just that little bit longer. It's an impressive natural beauty and at 70 metres, High Force is England's highest waterfall.

Whenever I go near a waterfall I can not help but think of my relative Captain Matthew Webb who died trying to swim across the Niagara Falls. Webb was also the first man to swim across the English Channel. He made lots of money out of his love of swimming and the dare devil inside him. I blame him for my reckless side and always wanting to jump in any river or ocean I see!

Water truly is captivating and "Nothing great is easy".

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