Monday, 19 September 2011

This is England

There is nothing quite like a warm summers day eating fish and chips at the sea side. I recently visited Whitby in North Yorkshire which was fabulous. Not only is it a pretty seaside town it boasts historic interest too. The small harbour and sandy beaches are overlooked by St. Mary's Church and St. Hilda's Abbey. By walking up the 199 steps to the church you are welcomed by a panoramic view that is straight off a post card. Inside the church you are treated to most eclectic building I think I've ever been into. Architecture from all eras, balcony's, triple decker pulpit and box pews. Magnificent to say the least. From it's 11th century beginnings, it's kept and built on it's religious bonds. You can circle the graveyard and spend many a moment breathing in the sea air whilst imagining a time gone by.

From a spiritual journey to a material one. Whitby also showed me the loveliness that is Whitby Jet. All around the town you can find Whitby Jet Jewellery in all shapes and sizes and prices. From small antique shops to those who carve it on site, Jet is the Gem of Yorskhire.

I only visited for the day and I was surprised by its mix of traditional sea side appeal and it's metropolitan bars and cafes. A good mix of ice creams, candy floss, olives and gin.

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