Tuesday, 1 November 2011

John Barrowman Magic

I went to watch John Barrowman in concert at the Oasis in Swindon. It was a bit random as I have never watched Torchwood and I've only seen one episode of Tonight's the Night. What did I expect from a Barrowman concert? A very camp night. What did I get? A very camp night!

The Oasis hall was packed full, I was say about four thousand people in all. The majority of the audience were women in their 60s or 30 something women accompanied by a very embarrassed other half. It's a shame John Barrowman is gay because he is certainly one for the ladies. The audience were beside themselves every time there was a wiggle of he bum or a cheeky look their way. Apart from all the jumping about on stage, the continuous gay jokes, Barrowman certainly does have a set of pipes on him. He filled the room with his powerful voice which could cope with the cheesiest of pop songs to a soft meaningful ballad.

What was also overwhelming was how much he involved his family in the performance. The big screen behind the band had selections of holiday pictures, family moments and prized memories caught on camera. It may be all part of the show but Barrowman seemed to open up his child hood and his dreams to all of us. Mum and Dad Barrowman were actually in the audience and got on stage for a little part of the show!

I have to hand it to Barrowman, love him or hate him, he is good at what he does. He entertained from the minute he stepped on stage until his closing song. John ended with Gloria Gaynor's classic 'I am What I am' which sums up his character completely. Most of the audience were on their feet by this point joining in with the lyrics. What seemed like half of Swindon came to watch him and they all left smiling.

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