Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Week Oldham Shook

What a week for the Shaw community of Oldham. Greater Manchester Police are still trying to piece together what happened on Tuesday June 26th and families are beginning to piece their lives back together after the devastation of the explosion.

Prayers are being said for the small boy Jamie Heaton who died in the explosion. The two year old toddler, the innocent victim at the centre of this tragedy.  I still think it's remarkable know one else was fatally injured because of the blast. It's the small reconciliation other Shaw residents have, but it does make the death of Jamie Heaton even more tragic. It's still unknown what exactly happened on Tuesday to cause the blast as the houses on Buckley Street in Shaw are too damaged by the explosion.

It's also unclear how many houses will have to be demolished at the site as inspections are still taking place. The physical and emotional damage will take a long time to heal. However, the Oldham community  have pulled together during this uneasy time and the crisis fund is helping those who are struggling to come to terms with what has happened; the week Oldham shook.

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