Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Farms and Farms

What a day. As I'm sat here typing this, it seems like a world away from where I was at 9am this morning. I visited Penrhiw Farm near Cardiff and where I was overwhelmed by the beauty and the serenity of the farm. John and Celia Thomas and their three dogs run the farm which produces organic beef and lamb. If you are looking for 'happy meat' then I would recommend getting down to the Riverside and Roath Farmers' market in Cardiff where you can pick up some of John and Celia's meat.

Celia was more than happy to show me and my friend around the farm and then invite us in for a warming cup of tea. A picturesque farm kitchen, with the kettle slowly boiling on the aga-bliss! I spoke to Celia about the problems that frequently effect farmers and also some of the more recent government initiatives like sheep tagging and badger culling...

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