Sunday, 25 October 2009

Fast Cars and Fast Cows

A varied weekend to say the least. A combination of two passions.

Castle Combe is a race circuit near Bath and I've been to a few of the Formula Ford races this season. I was lucky enough to attend the end of season award ceremony which saw some of the great drivers of the year being acknowledged.

I spoke to a racing driver called Steven Jensen who came second in his class and fifth in championship overall. Steve was telling me of the random connection he has with this years F1 Champion, Jenson Button. Steve had some coaching from Jensen Button when he was younger and it seems that Jenson Button was actually named after the Jensen family. Steve's father Erling Jensen used to know John Button. John liked the name 'Jensen' so much that when his own little boy was born he decided to call him that's something you don't hear everyday!

So whilst Jenson Button is up in the Formula One series, Steven Jensen is still supporting his local circuit-bravo to the both of you.

Swiftly moving on to other goings on in the land of Briohny-more farmer's markets! This time the Food and Drink festival at Cowbridge. Big white tents full of yummy pies, soft cheese, scrumpy cider and sweet treats. Something for everyone. There was even a company that sells Welsh Cookery DVD's. On their table was Welsh fruit cake and cheese on the same cocktail stick! Now this bizarre combination I have never tried before but I was actually quite surprised how well it worked together. Each bite reminded me of James Bond, a little cheesy but you're left wanting more.

A great day out. Cowbridge as a market town has a lot to offer, it even has its own Physic Garden. Lovely pubs and a good range of charity shops, all good. A successful weekend.

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