Sunday, 11 July 2010

Buffering in Bristol

First it was Shank, then came Release and now? Buffering is the third creation from Bristol film makers Darren Flaxstone and Christian Martin, Bonne idee Productions.

In the back streets of Fishponds an derelict building has been transformed into an array of colourful film sets. Sex shops and bedroom orgies Buffering has it all. I went behind the scenes to take a sneak peak at what was going on set.

Buffering by bribriwilliams

And you can find out more about what the crew and cast are doing as they are keeping their own blog...Click here to read!

Using the city of Bristol as its back drop Buffering makes the most of local talent. The script is clever and witty, the plot quirky but kind and in some areas just a little bizarre! Without giving too much away it's a complex love story that spends most of its time on the internet. Does that not make any sense? Well good, it's not suppose too.

Shooting continues in Bristol for the next week or so and then comes the post production. Then we just have to wait and see when this little number will have its big premier.

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