Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Winter Fair

I went to the Winter Fair and had a great time. I ate so much cheese that I felt a little bit sick afterwards! It was truly a brilliant day. Lots of show animals parading around the centre arena and lots of food and drink stalls to try all the goods. I particularly enjoyed my venison burger and mulled cider which put a smile on my face.I also learnt what cow is in Welsh so I've added that to my vocabulary list! You can watch a little snap shot of the event on Youtube.

There were lots of stands advertising their businesses. Helping farmers diversify, become more environmentally friendly, robot milking and of course lots of places to buy wellies! I also stumbled into the Young Farmers bar which was an experience. On the whole the Winter Fair was a small taster of what the Farming Industry brings to Wales. A showcase of all the good work farming does and how it can get better.

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