Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas Scout Post

I have memories of walking around the streets of Swindon in miserable rain, foggy mornings and freezing afternoons delivering Scout Post. It's a cheaper alternative to using the Royal Mail and probably a little bit more reliable! Usually towns and cities are divided into different areas and different Scout Troops deliver Christmas Post to the area nearest to them. It began in the 1980's and there is certainly no sign of it stopping just yet. It provides a unique service to communities and brings together the scout movement.

It's been a fair few years since I was a Scout so I decided to find out about the Scout Post where I live now, in in Cardiff.

Scoutpostfeature by bribriwilliams

The Scout Post seems to be more recognized today than when I was scout so it's no surprise that the service is becoming increasingly popular. As I learnt from my Cardiff Scouting renaissance, it's not just scouts that get involved in this annual postal service but other volunteers from the Girl Guides, Church Groups and parents that have a few hours to spare are keen to lend a hand and help out. I hope everything runs smoothly for all scouts involved in the Christmas Post across the country. Happy Posting!

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