Monday, 1 February 2010

Bum, Belly, Beak, Bang...

It's coming up to the end of shooting season so I thought I would share my thoughts on my day with the Batcombe Shoot in Somerset.
I had never use a shotgun before so it was a big learning curve as I swung and 12 bore gun over my shoulder and got in a trailer. We went to 5 different places to shoot and I got better with each drive. The gun was quite heavy and because of the recoil I managed to get a massive bruise near my shoulder...nice! But it was all excellent fun. It was beaters day so the people that were usually driving the birds were now trying to shoot them. I think we managed to shoot 36 by the end of the day ( I tickled a pheasant but didn't manage to bring it down!). I think I'll need a day on some clays before I try shooting birds again! It was a brilliant day though. I love watching the gun dogs sprint through the undergrowth looking for birds. The amount of discipline and control they have is amazing to watch. I can't wait to get a dog and train him up!
And like all good shoot days a lovely meal followed. Cottage Pie and greens and chocolate cake and crumble to finish. I also took home enough cheese to last me for 3 weeks! All in all a cracking day.

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