Sunday, 28 February 2010

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Spark: An Idea for Business

Hundreds of business plans were entered for a chance to win up to £1000 to support an entrepreneurial vision. Those entries were whittled down to 7 finalists and Friday the 19th of February was judgement day.

So let’s meet the judges and find out what they were looking for:

Judge 1 by bribriwilliams

A good pitch, a unique selling point and the ability to make money; those are the orders.

The finalists had 4 minutes to persuade the judges that their business deserved the cash prize. Then the judges had 8 minutes to ask questions and grill the contestants. A bit like a Centerprise dragon’s den.


Josie West
Business: Dinky Ducklings.

Thoughts on the day

Josie 1 by bribriwilliams

After the pitch

Josie 2 by bribriwilliams


Thoughts on the day

Anton 1 by bribriwilliams

After the pitch

Anton 2 by bribriwilliams

Jason and Matt
Business Idea: Lace LTD.

Thoughts on the day

JM1 by bribriwilliams

After the Pitch

JM2 by bribriwilliams

Business Idea: Lusini

Thoughts on the day

DAVID 1 by bribriwilliams

After the pitch

DAVID 2 by bribriwilliams

Lucy Fox
Business: Rift

Thoughts on the day

Lucy 1 by bribriwilliams

After the Pitch

Lucy 2 by bribriwilliams

Dave Stone
Business: UK Loupes

Thoughts on the day

DAVE 1 by bribriwilliams

After the pitch

DAVE 2 by bribriwilliams

Business: MUA

Thoughts on the day

Beth 1 by bribriwilliams

After the pitch

Beth 2 by bribriwilliams

The business ideas were varied which meant the judges had a tough decision on their hands. Some of the applicants were surprisingly calm and others were a nervous wreck. But what really made judges sit up and listen?
Judge 2 by bribriwilliams

£1000 went to UK Loupes, and £500 to Lasuni and Mua.

Winners by bribriwilliams

Have you been inspired by Spark? Get your thinking cap on and if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a young entrepreneur, look out for other schemes that could help you.

Whycenterprise by bribriwilliams

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