Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Farming and New Media

The way we farm is always changing. New technology has helped farmers become more environmentally friendly, more efficient and now more accessible. Many have embraced the internet revolution and have websites advertising their produce and keeping updates about their livestock.

Eira Edwards runs a sheep farm and conference centre in South Wales. Lakeside Farm Park has numerous websites telling you what’s on and what’s been happening around the farm. Eira is also on Twitter and I regularly keep in contact be sending the odd ‘tweet’ when I can.

A government report out today shows that less than half of people over fifteen read a national newspaper.That's down by a third compared to thirty years ago.
So I’ve been finding out how social media and the internet has affected the way farmers get their news and share information.

Farming& the Internet by bribriwilliams

Emma Penny from Farmers Guardian calls on the government to do more to improve broadband access for farmers in coutryside black spots. She says " The government is moving towards getting all businesses to file their accounts and do all their business online. Unless they are willing to to invest money in upgrading the whole of the UK to broadband I think we are going to find that life is quite difficult for a lot of farmers."

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