Saturday, 13 March 2010

Cardiff: My Musical Journey

Cardiff has recently been listed as the second most musical city in the UK by the Performing Rights Society (PRS). Data was collected that showed which cities had created most muscians in relation to the overall population. Cardiff was topped the city across the channel, Bristol.

Having recently moved from Bristol to Cardiff I often find myself comparing the two, it's only natural. Also having played in bands and worked in the music industry, I find it fascinating how different the Cardiff music scene is to that of Bristol, or may be it's because I don't know where to find it in Cardiff.

So I went on a musical adventure which started at The Globe. This troubled venue has a lot to offer. The Globe has had complaints about the noise and had to try and raise £25, 000 to pay for sound proofing the bar. It's also had live music licencing issues, but I didn't have an issues about the night I had at The Globe. The bands, Dr Meaker from my lovely Bristol and The Word Virus Essay.

Night at The Globe by bribriwilliams

I was impressed. The Word Virus Essay eased us into a soulful music medley whilst Dr Meaker pumped the room full of movement and hiphop beats. Two contrasting flavours which complimented each other perfectly. The music night was hosted by The Minature Music Press which claims to be "the definitive guide to live music in Cardiff ". If my night at The Globe is anything to go by then I would say they've achieved their goal.

Next on the music trail was a micro festival held by the Artisan Brewing Company.

Micro Beer festival by bribriwilliams

The festival provided a taster of Cardiff nightlife, full of melody, mischief and madness. Strangely it was all finished by 9pm as the venue is slap bang in the middle of suburbia. Simon Doherty founder and head brewer at Artisan Brewing Company, provided the fragrant drinks and bands such as The Method simmered in the background.

All in a all a brilliant evening, one that I'm looking forward to again...but in the mean time? Maybe I'll check out the Open Mic night at North Star to see what new talent Cardiff has to offer.

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