Monday, 29 March 2010

Ramblers: 75th Anniversary

It’s the 75th Anniversary of the Ramblers organisation and to celebrate there are a series of baton walks. From Scotland to the South of England Rambling groups across the country will take on the baton.

I joined the Merthyr Valley Ramblers on their baton walk. We all met at Cardiff train station and set off along the Taff Trail. It was a gentle walk from the centre of Cardiff to Taffs Well. Along the way we walked through bird reserves, cathedrals and several weirs. I’d never been out with the Merthyr Ramblers but they were a really friendly group. Even Ollie the dog was charming and welcoming.

We stopped at Llandaff Cathedral to take out the anniversary baton and have a photo.

The group were slightly disappointed with the blow up baton and indeed so was I. For such a landmark year for the Ramblers the baton was slightly deflating. I love the idea of the baton walks but maybe it could have been executed slightly better. Maybe a metal baton that acted like a time capsule so we could put all the pictures from our walk in? Just an idea!

Aside from the lack of glamour of the baton the walk was a great success. A Saturday stroll that was perfect. A gloomy and drizzly Welsh day but smiles and sandwiches brightened the day.

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